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Jamie's 'Guide to Calm' is an excellent resource for those who are too often overwhelmed with their days' tasks and find themselves in that space of pouring of themselves more quickly than they can refill..."

Trelani M.

 Love my t-shirt! I receive compliments when I wear it. " 

Kay M.

In tonight's mindfulness meditation class, we incorporated @blackmomcalm's calm cards. These cards have positive, empowering statements that guide you into a place of peace"

Stephanie E.

Hey, mama, hey!


Hi, it's Jamie here. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about Black Mom's Guide to Calm and the shop. This brand as a safe space where stressed-out mommies (and women) come to overcome their overwhelm and find calm in the chaos of their lives.

It originally started as Black Girl's Guide to Calm back in 2015. After having my daughter two years prior, I was stressed and overwhelmed with my new role, plus I was dealing with some postpartum depression. 

Long story short, I knew if I wanted to feel better, I had to do something differently. So I started journaling more to express my emotions; I wrote affirmations about how I wanted to feel; and I started a consistent meditation and yoga practice. And in 2016, I added crystal healing.

Since beginning my calm practices, I've learned to:

* Manage/lessen my stress.

* Worry less.

* Be in the present moment more often.

* Go with the flow.

* Keep a positive mindset.

With the Black Mom Calm Shop, I offer the products that will help you overcome your overwhelm and find your calm, inner peace, joy and relief. Take a look around the site to see which item(s) resonate with you. Have questions? Email me: jamie@blackmomsguidetocalm.com.

For resources and advice on managing and lessening your stress, visit BlackMomsGuidetoCalm.com.